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As the e-commerce vertical is witnessing phenomenal growth, Magento is not far behind. Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) is the premium edition that has taken the power of Magento Community edition to the next level. It has opened new opportunities for the businesses, with the most amazing features and cutting-edge functionalities that it brings to them. With its scalability, flexibility, and efficiency, the platform has emerged as the undisputed winner for creating outstanding e-commerce stores for B2B and B2C business enterprises.

At  Magesystem, we help you to leverage the exceptional features of Magento Commerce to deliver omnichannel customer experiences. We have an expert team of seasoned Magento developers to create rich and result-oriented solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements and designed to fulfill the evolving business needs.

Why Magento Commerce


Explore the extensive benefits of taking up the “Enterprise” route!!

One Platform For Many Needs

Whether you are a B2C or B2B seller, Magento Commerce Edition is the solution that delivers to all your needs. An extensive feature set combined with fast integration, easy customization, and a rich assortment of extensions makes it capable of fulfilling the entire e-commerce requirements.

Increased Sales, More Productivity

The success of an e-commerce store is gauged by the traffic and conversions it generates. With Magento Commerce, content staging becomes simpler with the products, promotional offers, and updates being presented in a manner that impresses and engages the customers.

Scalability on the plate

Magento Commerce brings scalability on the plate as it gives the store the capability to manage the biggest sales and the highest traffic loads in an effortless manner. With this platform, the seller can celebrate booming traffic rather than stress over the impact it may have on the store’s performance and shopping experiences.

Business Decisions Made Easier

The platform serves powerful Business Intelligence tools that enhance the business with reliable analyses and reporting features. They equip them with an understanding of the user behavior so that they can optimize their targeting strategies to drive customer lifetime value for the business.

More Functionalities, Better Experiences

With Magento Commerce, integration of third-party solutions is easy as a breeze. This means that you can add all the desired functionalities to the e-commerce store and deliver the most amazing shopping experiences to your customers. Building a site that replicates your brand has never been easier!!

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